Carabine À Plombs Pcp Fx Airguns Wildcat Mk3 Sniper Armes Dépaule

Carabine à plombs PCP FX Airguns Wildcat MK3 Sniper 5.5mm

FX Airguns
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FX Airguns

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Product description

The FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper includes a precise air regulator and a magazine system that is easy to load. The high-grade aluminium air cylinder that sports a durable new tactical finish. Many hours of labour have gone into this fingerprint-resistant finish.

The cocking lever has been engineered with the highest quality materials to provide the smoothest operation possible. Forward placement of the charging lever facilitates the quickest and simplest actuation. The action is nestled into a durable synthetic stock with soft-touch coating for all-weather comfort. This stock comes to point quickly and the scope rail design places the shooter's eye in a comfortable and proper position to eliminate parallax error.

This FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper features the Superior Smooth Twist X barrel, consisting of a barrel outer with interchangeable liners. These easy to replace liners are available in different calibres, different twists and different lengths. The Superior STX liner has rifling over the whole length of the barrel, pressed in from the outside to keep the bore as smooth as possible. Having interchangeable liners will let you optimise the Wildcat MKIII to your exact needs, resulting in de best grouping possible for light and heavy pellets and everything in between.

The size of the plenum has increased compared to the one on its predecessor, as have the valve and the airflow. The FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper also features a new power adjuster at the rear with which both large and refined adjustments can be made. It has seven basic settings and in the eighth position a small hole opens up in which an allen key can be put to make adjustments in every direction on your own account, giving you the possibility to make adjustments that are fully in sync with the settings you make on the externally adjustable AMP regulator. These combined adjustment possibilities enable you to find the perfect setup for every calibre.

Another improvement is the fact the FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper now utilizes the FX SideShot magazine. Instead of 8 shots, you now have -depending on calibre- almost double the amount. Of course, the well-loved adjustable 2-stage trigger remained, as are the two pressure gauges (pressure tube and regulator). The FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper comes as standard with a shrouded barrel and we supply it including a Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail. Also, the muzzle features an outer 1/2 UNF thread which provides for the option of a moderator.



Brand FX Airguns
Status New
Calibre 5.5 mm / .22, 6.35 mm / .25, 7.62 mm / .30
Power source PCP
Fill pressure (bar / psi) 230 / 3336
Energy (Joule / 68 / 50.1, 95 / 70.1, 115 / 84.8
Cocking system Side lever
Magazine Capacity 13, 16, 18
Safety Yes
Weight (gram) 3500
Barrel Length (mm) 700
Total length (mm) 790
Sights No open sights
Riflescope included No
Stock Ambidextrous
Stock material Synthetic
Extras Fill probe, Magazine

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