Carabine À Plombs Pcp Fx Airguns Crown Mk2 Grs Nordic Wolf 6 35 Mm (88 Joules) Armes Dépaule
Carabine À Plombs Pcp Fx Airguns Crown Mk2 Grs Nordic Wolf 6 35 Mm (88 Joules) Armes Dépaule
Carabine À Plombs Pcp Fx Airguns Crown Mk2 Grs Nordic Wolf 6 35 Mm (88 Joules) Armes Dépaule

Carabine à plombs PCP FX Airguns Crown MK2 GRS Nordic Wolf 6,35 mm (88 Joules)

FX Airguns
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Product description

This FX Crown MKII with Nordic Wolf stock by GRS combines the well-known and appreciated Crown MKII system with a high-quality stock of laminated wood by GRS, in stunning Nordic Wolf colours: from dark to light grey hues, to some slight hints of blue. This combination offers an interplay coming together as a versatile PCP rifle, perfect for the demanding shooter that wants adjustability.

The Crown MKII system from Sweden based FX Airguns brings lots of power and possibilities to adjust the air rifle to perfection:

• 6.5 mm adjustable valve
• 20 MOA Weaver/Picatinny rail
• Smooth Twist X Superior Liner
• Easily exchangeable shrouded barrel
• 480 cc carbon pressurised air reservoir with 250 bar fill pressure
• Externally adjustable AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator
• Power Adjuster (macro- and micro adjustment of the hammer spring)
• FX Match trigger with adjustable first and second stage (and adjustable trigger weight)

This Crown MKII system comes with a stock supplied by GRS, a stock manufacturer from Norway, known for their perfect finish and forward-thinking.

• Laminated birchwood, less susceptible to warmth and moisture
• Perfectly shaped grip for right-handed shooters
• Cheek piece and length of pull adjustable with just a push of the button
• Very comfortable and recoil-absorbing butt plate made of soft rubber

This air rifle comes tuned moderately, so that it can be used universally. The values shown in the specifications can be adjusted by utilising the adjustment options of the air rifle.




Brand FX Airguns
Product code CR2-550317-010-00 - 5.5 mm / .22
CR2-630317-010-00 - 6.35 mm / .25
CR2-760317-010-00 - 7.62 mm / .30
Status New
Calibre 5.5 mm / .22, 6.35 mm / .25, 7.62 mm / .30
Power source PCP
Energy (Joule / 40 / 29.5, 60 / 44.2, 105 / 77.4
Velocity (m/s / fps) 280 / 920 - 5.5 mm / .22
270 / 900 - 6.35 mm / .25
265 / 870 - 7.62 mm / .30
Cocking system Side lever
Magazine Capacity 13, 16, 18
Safety Yes
Weight (gram) 3050
Barrel Length (mm) 600
Total length (mm) 1088
Sights No open sights
Riflescope included No
Mounting rail type Weaver / Picatinny
Stock Right
Stock material Wood
Extras Case, Fill adaptor, Magazine

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